Left Hand Releasing Bottled Nitro Stouts Tonight at Growlers

One of the dumbest marketing schemes I’ve ever seen was the Miller Lite “Vortex” bottles, and in a world where beer innovations like swirly bottle necks, colorful metal bottles, and punch-top cans are readily available, Left Hand Brewery hopes to keep things grounded.

Tonight, they’re releasing their Nitro Milk Stout in nitrogenated 12-ounce bottles this evening for the first time in the Philadelphia at Growlers on 8th and Fitzwater. The bottled Nitro, among other Left Hand taps (Warrior IPA, Fade to Black Volume 4, Rocky Mountain, Black Ale, Sawtooth ESB, Ambidextrous Ale, Oak Aged Imperial Milk Stout) will be doled and poured while Left Hand Dan and company answer any questions that may have been befuddling your minds.

The event starts at 8pm tonight, so go check it out.

Growlers [Official Site]
Milk Stout Nitro [Left  Hand Brewing]