Six Pack: Some of Our Favorite Cookies in Philadelphia

Okay, Philly, we get it: you love cupcakes. But what about giving the original handy-dandy on-the-go dessert some love? That’s right, we’re talking about cookies. They’re classic, simple, and a whole lot less messy. Luckily there are delicious cookies all around Philadelphia and we’ve rounded up some of our favorites just for you.

Get Your Hot Cookies on Rittenhouse Sqaure

At a recent birthday gathering in the office we eschewed the typical cake for a box of still hot cookies from Le Bus. Within minutes there wasn’t even a crumb left. You can even buy the dough to make your own cookies at home.

Le Bus Bakery
129 S. 18th Street

Crazy Flavors for Every Taste

If you’re looking for unique (and sometimes wacky) flavors from savory to sweet then go to Cookie Confidential. Though a classic chocolate chip is fine you’ll want to check out the Sriracha Mango, Raspberry Balsamic, and Chipotle Chocolate. If you’re feeling adventurous there are also Cheesesteak and Peanut Butter Hot Dog flavors. Seriously.

Cookie Confidential
517 S. 5th Street (Old City)

Desperate Times Call for Insomnia Cookies

We’ve all been there: its 10 p.m., you’ve been watching six straight hours of Breaking Bad, and you just ran out of cookies. (No? Is that just me?) If you are near one of the three Insomnia Cookies truck locations in Philly then you’re covered: just call them up and they’ll deliver you hot, fresh cookies. And if you’re a daylight person you can go to their storefront in Center City.

Insomnia Cookies
108 South 16th Street (Center City)

Famous Cookies in Reading Terminal

The Famous 4th Street Cookie is famous for a reason. This Reading Terminal Market hit does the classic cookies right. Their thick cut cookies are stuffed with walnuts, pecans, macadamias, chocolate chips, or raisins. The sugar cookies and snickerdoodles can seem plain next to their more packed options, but they are just as delicious.

Famous 4th Street (Reading Terminal Market)
51 North 12th Street 

Whipped Bakeshop’s Mini Masterpieces

Trust us, Whipped Bakeshop’s cookies for all occasions taste just as beautiful as they look. And they look good. Whether you buy them as favors for a party or just for you, a big box of ‘em will not go to waste. As a true testament to the quality of Whipped’s baked goods, their storefront is now open seven days a week.

Whipped Bakeshop (Fishtown)
636 Belgrade Street

Butter Cookies at Isgro

Though they are more famous for their cannolis Isgro Pasticceria’s cookies are just as to-die-for. Old school Italian favorites like pignolis and fruit filled cookies (and biscotti, if you like that sort of thing) are what Philly is all about. If you try one of Isgro’s desserts, though, make sure it is the butter cookie. You won’t regret it.

Isgro Pasticceria (Italian Market)
1009 Christian St.

And now, just in case you weren’t thinking enough about cookies, Cookie Monster’s spoof on “Call Me Maybe. (Let’s be serious, we know you’ve had it on repeat for weeks).

Photo courtesy of Scott McNulty | Flickr.