Food Nerd News: QR Coded Wine Bottles at Moore Brothers

Okay, so maybe all those fancy apps on your smartphone aren’t actually that applicable to your life. But what if you could scan a QR code on your wine bottle when you sit down to order at your favorite BYOB and have pairing notes at your literal fingertips?  Moore Brothers Wine Company has created a system which makes that easy to do, and gives you something to use your iPhone for other than Angry Birds.

The Pennsauken, New Jersey based wine seller Moore Brothers Wine Company specializes in bringing hard to find, traditional, small-production wines to the Philly area. After years of research and collecting data from numerous meetings with the winegrowers the company represents, Moore Brothers has compiled a substantial database of tasting notes, pairings, and Old World wine region history to go along with each bottle they sell.

But they continually encountered a customer service problem: if a customer had not visited the store in a while, or lost the hard copy notes they received in-store, what were they to do when they sit down to order?

To fix this Greg and David Moore decided to attached QR code stickers to their wines. Whenever a customer takes a picture of the code with their smartphone or iPad it will open a link to a web-based tasting note. The notes include up-to-date recommendations on food pairings, all the information Moore has generated over the years, and video interviews with winegrowers. And it is all for the convenience and education of the customer.

Pretty awesome, right? It’s like having two award-winning sommeliers right in your pocket.

Or, you know, something less creepy than that.

Old World Wine Meets New World Tech [Moore Brothers]