Free Water Ice!

 The scene at our last Best of Philly free public tasting: Picking the best pork sandwich

Yeah, you read that right. Today is the last of our Best Of Philly free public tastings and we’re going out with a bang by offering free water ice from four of the best shops in town to all who show up willing to vote for their favorite. The details are simple.

Best of Philly Free Water Ice Tasting

When: Today at 12:30

Where: The Market at Comcast Center

Why: To let you, the water ice-loving public, decide who has the best in town

As you can see in the video above, our last event (pork sandwiches at Liberty Place) drew down a crowd of hundreds. And before that, our cupcake tasting at King Of Prussia Mall had lines that went on forever. So if you want a little advice I’d say show up early, be patient, enjoy the freebies.

And don’t forget to vote.