Spiga Opens This Saturday in Midtown Village

Spiga, a new Italian restaurant led by former Le Castagne chef Brian Wilson, will be opening this Saturday, May 5th. Located at 1305 Locust, Spiga and its owners are looking to bring the comfort and friendly atmosphere of real Italian neighborhood restaurants to the popular Midtown Village neighborhood.

Chef Wilson will be adding to this ambiance with his menu of dishes inspired by every region of Italy. The menu will include items like artichoke, arugula, and lardo pizza, fennel flan, and homemade cotechino. The most exciting part of the menu however may be the variety of Panini sliders like the “Philadelphian,” with grilled skirt steak, parmesan cream, and balsamic onions. After all, it wouldn’t be a Philly restaurant without some sort of cheesesteak reference.

Despite the name which loosely translates to “ear or spike,” as in that of a wheat stalk, Chef Wilson has made sure to add some gluten-free items to the menu. The wine list will be lengthy while 10 beers will be on tap, including local crafts and Italian imports, both of which will surely encourage the social atmosphere Spiga is aiming for.

1305 Locust Street