Victory Novello at Marc Vetri’s Alla Spina

Last night we were lucky enough to be invited to experience Alla Spina and sample pig tails, fried chicken, mortadella hot dogs and pretzels with the best cheese sauce we’ve ever been fortunate enough to have touch our tongues. But this post is about the beer, the exclusively brewed Victory Novello to be exact. The Belgian-style blonde is brewed with the same yeast as Victory’s uber-popular Golden Monkey but comes in at 7% alcohol by volume, a couple percentage points below the Downingtown brewery’s dangerous Belgian strong ale.

The Novello is less sweet than Golden Monkey and a more balanced beer in general. It is similar to the Italian farmhouse beers that also dot the menu at Alla Spina, though it still has a spicier finish than some of those very dry beers.

It’s definitely a beer worth checking out when Alla Spina swings open the doors on Monday, as is the very fun bar food.

Alla Spina [Official Site]