Greatest Hits and What You Missed: Le Bec Fallout, Thomas Keller Rumors, Ramen Boy, Shake Shack and Grace Tavern’s Infuriating Chicken Sandwich

It’s amazing to me that this week started with the news that Georges Perrier was going to be selling off a controlling interest in Le Bec-Fin and that this news only hit the internets (courtesy of your friends here at Foobooz World HQ) six days ago. It feels like it’s been twice that. Or maybe three times. But maybe that’s just the way it is when a crazy week sneaks up on you in the middle of what’s supposed to be the slow season in the restaurant world.

Anyway, it was a big week with plenty of big stories to go around. Here’s what you might’ve missed:

Chipotle Commercial Outshines Grammys Attention Chipotle executives: I’m still waiting for my pig-and-farmer playset. XOXOXO, Foobooz
Setting The Record Straight On Thomas Keller and Le Bec-Fin Squashing rumors is almost as much fun as confirming them. Almost.
Crawfish at Chris’ Jazz Cafe ‘Tis the season for sucking heads
Han Dynasty Gets Fan Rap And trust me, it ain’t east to find a rhyme for “Sichuan”
Ramen Boy Stumbles Oh, but wait! It gets worse…
Ramen Boy Has Gas Problems See? Told ya
Grace Tavern Gets A New Menu Item Which, for some reason, enraged you people in ways I can’t even explain
Revel Rolls Out Three More Michel Richard is coming to A.C. to join the party
First Sign of Shake Shack And we mean that literally
Tale of the Tape: Russet Facts, pictures and a (better) walkthrough video to boot