Greatest Hits and What You Missed: Honest Tom’s, Ella’s American Bistro, Hanukkah Plans and the Feast of the 56 Fishes

Even with the holidays looming, we’ve still had some action in the restaurant scene this week. Here’s what you might’ve missed while you were out buying socks for Aunt Maude or tuning up your liver for the family dinner that’s right around the corner.

Honest Tom’s Storefront Open There is no better way to celebrate the holiday season than by bringing tacos with you wherever you go. Especially caroling.
Han Dynasty Opens in Manayunk Okay, so there might be ONE better way: Han’s dan dan noodles.
Ella’s American Bistro Open in Wayne ’bout time Wayne had a classically-inspired, Southern-inflected, farm-driven bistro. ’bout time we all did.
Is Tashan Too Good For Philadelphia? Our critic asks. You respond. And respond and respond and respond…
Feast of the 7 Fishes Actually, we’ve got 56 fishes, but who’s counting?
Hanukkah Happenings 8 crazy nights…of food!
Philadelphia Fireplace Guide Where to find a cozy fire to curl up in front of this winter.
Discount Dinner at the New East Girard Gastropub 10% off at what used to be Fathom

And that’s that, folks. From all of us here at Foobooz World Headquarters to all of you out there in Hotcakesland, happy holidays, party safe and we’ll see you on the other side of Christmas.