For the Holidays: Wine Cocktails From Chaddsford Winery

With all the buzz over beer cocktails and cocktail cocktails, winemakers are pressed to come up with creative ways to compete. Always the innovators, Chaddsford Winery owners Eric and Lee Miller are promoting their own version of the mixed drink: the wine cocktail. So if you’re looking for ways to get your grandma quickly schnockered so that she passes out before she ruins Christmas dinner by calling your wife by your ex-girlfriend’s name (again), follow the Millers’ recipes for a Spiced Apple Martini or the Grand Spirit.

Sure, at first blush, you may not think that spiking a glass of Jesus juice with vodka, triple sec and cinnamon or Grand Marnier and o.j. would be tasty but trust us: your grandma will love it. (Recipes after the jump. For non-alcoholic wine cocktails, visit the Chaddsford website.)

Spiced Apple Martini:

3 oz Spiced Apple, 3/4 oz vanilla vodka, & 3/4 ox triple sec… combine & pour into cinnamon rimmed glass

Grand Spirit (or, the Spirit of Hangovers to Come):

Mix 2 bottles Chaddsford Holiday Spirit with 5 cups of Orange juice, 1/2 cup Grand Marnier liqueur, and 1/2 cup honey or sugar. Heat in a crock pot or sauce pan. Drink with a straw (no, we’re just kidding. Be classy and pour it into glasses.)