Food Impresses at Loco Pez

We’ve had Loco Pez on our list since it opened but Adam Erace’s descriptions of the nachos and tacos has us moving the Fishtown bar up to the top of our must-hit list.

Marinating also gives the grouper for the fish tacos their zing. The firm white fish hangs out in garlicky oil infused with ancho chili powder before getting dunked in a tempura batter laced with mustard and Mexican oregano and fried. A squirt of housemade salsa — Loco Pez makes a tangy verde, fiery roja and super-spicy chipotle in-house, leaving squeeze bottles of each on every table — enlivened those tacos, as well as the quesadillas, tortillas stuffed with gooey Oaxaca cheese and shredded chicken. Instead of relying on two tortillas for these, Hunt uses just one, folding it over into a half-moon before crisping it on the griddle. The cute individual quesadillas were lighter (if something this cheesy can be called light) and neater than the traditional version sliced like a pizza.

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