Amuses and Dinosaur Soup at Marigold Kitchen

Sometimes the hardest thing to do is to give an old favorite a new chance. That was the case with Trey Popp and Marigold Kitchen. A couple of years after Erin O’Shea left for Percy Street Barbecue Popp visits the new Marigold and the avant garde cooking of Robert Halpern.

“And for all the whiz-bang textures of Halpern’s heirloom tomato salad—crisp tomato chip, soft lavender foam, jiggly squares of balsamic jelly, coconut powder—he knows when to step back and let someone else’s work shine, in this case with luscious burrata curds that were one of a small handful of things not made in-house.”

The Revisit: Marigold Kitchen [Philadelphia magazine]

Marigold Kitchen
501 South 45th Street
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