Quick Bites: Family Trees and Barcade Photos

The Daily News put together a nice piece today on the family trees of Philadelphia’s chefs. [Philadelphia Daily News, Food Tree (PDF)]

Michael Klein gets some photos inside of Barcade. It’s getting closer…. [The Insider]

Living on the Vedge gets a sneek peek inside at Rich Landau’s upcoming Vedge. Vegetarians are going to be getting some fine dining. [Living on the Vedge]

If a landlord can get Manayunk’s Saxby’s evicted, Capogiro will come to Manayunk. [The Insider]

It looks like the noodle house and smokeless barbecue concept for South Street that we first heard about in late 2009 is moving forward. The construction at 216-218 South Street is just about complete and the liquor license application is in the window.