Everybody Who Knows Goes To Melrose… For the 4G

If you’re trying to read this from your chair at La Colombe or stool at McGlinchey’s (you daytime drunk) and it’s taking forever to load, I suggest you head south to that old Philly favorite, the Melrose. Apparently, some techies from PC Magazine traveled the country, testing speeds on eight mobile networks from six wireless carriers. Their Philly stops included Standard Tap (they had a burger), the Fitler Square farm market (the writer waxed nostalgic about Dmitri’s), and some other non-restaurant locations.

Of all the spots, the rates at the Melrose were the most impressive, at 19Mbps down on Verizon 4G. But the most surprising revelation was that the writer enjoyed the “excellent” pie. The last time I tried a slice of apple from the Melrose, it was just awful. Admittedly, this was several years ago, as part of a pie tasting for Philly Mag. Maybe it’s time to give it another try.