Restaurant Club Dinner Party at Tweed: Why? Just Because We Love You…

We know you love to eat (because it would be weird if you were reading this blog but ate all your meals from the vending machines at the Amtrak station). We know you love to drink (because we just don’t have that many Mormon readers these days). And we know that everyone loves a good party.

So guess what? The Restaurant Club and Philadelphia magazine are both getting together to throw one, complete with fine china, good grub, paired booze and excellent company. And yeah, you’re invited.

Here are the details:

  • Where: Tweed Restaurant, 114 S. 12th Street, Philadelphia, PA. 19107 (
  • When: Wednesday, June 15
  • Why: Just because we love you
  • Who: Chef David Cunningham from Tweed will be there–both doing the cooking and on the floor, pressing the flesh. And because we’re calling this party “All About Wine” we’ll also have people there who actually know all about wine: experts who’ll be on hand to pour, talk grapes and explain the night’s pairings.
  • Time: Dinner will begin promptly at 6:30 pm and proceed apace. Guests are welcome to arrive at 6pm to mingle and enjoy a cocktail beforehand.
  • Price: $65 per person, which includes a prix-fixe menu and wine pairings for each course. Not included: tax and gratuity, so be nice and tip well.
  • Reservations are required: Please call the restaurant directly at 215.923.3300 and ask for reservations for the Restaurant Club Dinner Series. As space is limited, Tweed will require a credit card number to hold the reservation. And since all the TV shows will be in summer re-runs by the time the night of the party arrives, this one is going to sell out fast. So call now is what we’re saying. Just to be on the safe side.