Supper’s Upscale Brunch Is a Winner

Supper’s brunch has been known for its red velvet waffles for some time now and Brian Freedman says that there’s more than this must-order dish that makes the South Street spot “one of the best upscale brunches in town.”

Eggs are shown love here, too. Frittatas are cooked in the cast-iron skillets in which they arrive at the table, and are fluffier than most. Skillet-roasted mushroom toast also made smart use of the same skillets, its residual heat crisping and caramelizing any bits that fell from the fork and hit its sizzling surface. It was also a study in how elegantly savory flavors can be layered. From the mushrooms to the brown-topped goat cheese gratinate to the fried egg crowning it all, it is how I imagine mushroom hunters in some mythical pocket of Piedmont chow down after a successful morning of foraging.

Supper Adds Its Name to Killer-Brunch List [Philadelphia Weekly]