6 Strangest Things Ever Done With Peeps

I don’t know what it is about Peeps that inspires such loathsomeness and creativity in people. Maybe it’s the colors. Maybe it’s the simplicity of them–just gobs of marshmallow, and yet imbued somehow with an almost Zen-like calm. Or maybe there’s something in the food dyes that makes normally rational people go plumb loco when in their presence.

Over the years, folks have done all sorts of weird things with Peeps (see for example: Peeps dioramas, Peeps dresses, and the Peep Jesus), but none of those even come close to what we have collected here: The 6 strangest things ever done with, near or involving Peeps.


Photo courtesy Jen Carlson/Gothamist

Peep Haute Cuisine: I know how tempting it can be… You’ve got all this kitchen equipment lying around, shelves full of cookbooks, and that package of Peeps is just crying out to be center-plated in some way that will show all the people on your blog just how fun you can be.

The above photo is of Deviled Cadbury Creme Eggs with Whipped Peeps and a Graham Crumble, courtesy of the crew over at Gothamist (who also came up with a recipe for Peeps with Fried Plantains and Mint Ribbons), but their kitchen experiments are far from the worst out there. That dubious honor would go to the sonofabitch who first invented the Peep-tini–which, if you couldn’t guess, if a Peep martini. Sacrilege.