Chip Roman and Jason Cichonski’s Chestnut Hill Resto Has a Name

Blackfish‘s Chip Roman and partner Jason Cichonski (former exec chef of Lacroix) have started work today on their upcoming restaurant in Chestnut Hill (8609 Germantown Avenue). No details on the menu yet, but Roman says he wants it to be a “top destination in Philly.”

The restaurant will have a liquor license and a full wine program, 37 seats and look! It already has a name.

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Cichonski says it’ll be called “Stone House” for obvious reasons (it’s a little stone house). Cichonski is currently working with Roman in the kitchen at Blackfish, and he’ll be what Roman calls “opening consultant” at Stone House. Eventually, the two will partner to open a Center City restaurant, with Cichonski at the helm.

Other fun facts:

Chip Roman is 31 and from Fishtown. He attended Drexel’s Business and Culinary Program, worked at Vetri and Le Bec-Fin and then started his own catering company. He says Georges Perrier is his hero and he’d love for Philly to “be confident in its fine dining scene.” He’s a member of the Union League, which is fascinating as we always thought you had to be at least 109 years old to join.

Jason Cichonski is 26 and from Churchville in Bucks County. and became the executive chef at Lacroix at age 24. He went to culinary school at 17 and says he’s been working six days a week since he was 19. Who says Millenials are lazy?

The youthful duo are committed to contributing to the growth of Philly’s fine-dining scene, as they told us during a conversation last week. They’re hoping to have Stone House open by the spring.

Blackfish [Official Site]