Amis & Paesano’s Do Industry Night

Our eyes must have popped half-way out of our heads when we read that Amis’ industry night partner on Monday, November 1st was going to be Paesano’s. The thought of Paesano’s sandwiches sharing space with Brad Spence and his own sandwiches had us slobbering like Pavlov’s dog. We even caught ourselves feeling sorry for those poor piggies for a second but we quickly put that thought out of our heads.

Chef Peter McAndrews of Paesano’s and Modo Mio will be showcasing his Paesano, slow roasted brisket with fried egg, sharp provolone, roasted tomatoes, pepperincini and horseradish mayo. Also to be served is a chicken liver conservate with sun-dried cherry mostarda, gorgonzola dolce and long hots.

Amis chef Brad Spence will be making three signature sandwiches. The Jersey Cannonball is house made pork roll, fried egg, sharp provolone, pickled peppers, and served on home made bialy. The second sandwich will be sliced veal breast, young pecorino, vegetable fritto misto and served on sesame focaccia bread. Finally there will be mint cholcolate chip semi freddo sandwiches for dessert.

The bar will be serving up Stoudt’s Pils, Amis punch and house made spiked cream soda.

Same deal as previous months, the food is free and the drinks will be specially priced. Just bring your industry pay stub for admission to the feast. The fun starts at 10pm.

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