Around the Web: Adsum Edition

Photo via David McDuff

It seems everyone has an opinion on Adsum, the new Queen Village bistro from chef/owner Matt Levin. Here are some of the latest and thankfully, no mention of the feet of premature babies.

David McDuff eats plenty that he’d recommend from his dinner at Adsum. [McDuff’s Food & Wine Trail]

CE Phood had several bites at Adsum, the most successful of which was the tater-tots. [CE Phood]

“Over the top comfort food” is how Drawing for Food describes the plates, most delicious were the sweetbreads, fried oysters, tater tots and bone marrow. [Drawing for Food]

Femme Fermental was all about the chicharrones, “per-fect-ly cooked” sweetbreads and fried chicken. [Femme Fermental]