Vetri Lives Up To The Hype

The Atlantic’s Ezekiel Emanuel reviews Vetri and as his title says, the Italian restaurant delivers.

Then came one of Vetri’s signature dishes: spinach gnocchi with brown butter. The four bright green gobs resting in brown liquid and covered in cheese were–as we were warned–rich. Each bite was thick and creamy and tasted like it had 1,000 calories. But even better, during the course there was a plate brought out for the “table” of another pasta–a home-made pappardelle with lamb ragu. This was brilliant–and in my view better than the spinach gnocchi. The pappardelle were perfect yellow pasta ribbons cooked just right, soft and wiggly with just a hint of crunchiness. And the lamb ragu was the right combination of rich with the lamb flavor but delicate and not overpowering.

A Restaurant Lives Up to its Hype [The Atlantic via BROG]