Oyster House Satisfies


Adam Erace visits Sam Mink’s Oyster House and finds the food to be “shucking good.”

With oysters as good as these, any ostentation further than classic mignonette would be like covering a grass-fed filet mignon in Heinz 57. Or so you’d think. It’s ironic that chef Greg Ling, last of sushi den Raw, showed real finesse with the cooked oyster dishes. Let the purists scoff; you and I will be tossing back the roasted ones Español style, having the last laugh through mouthfuls of Delaware Bays electrified by fiery, finely diced, house-made chorizo and cilantro-lime butter. Here was the injection the Delawareans needed, the sausage grease and melted butter enrobing each one in a crimson aurora of liquid fat (in a good way) balanced by the citrus and herb.

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