Clubber Up and P.Y.T.


As we mentioned in our Metro column, P.Y.T. has sure created a lot of buzz since its opening. The latest angle involves Tommy Up channeling Rocky foe, Clubber Lang and challenging Stephen Starr’s SquareBurger to a showdown. It was a one-sided smack talking fest last night on Twitter and it is continuing today.

But Up is not the only one going crazy over his P.Y.T.

Staying in the Twitter realm, Shola Olunloyo, Philadelphia’s most respected chef without a restaurant says “Tommy up’s PYT chicken burger rocks.”

The menu at P.Y.T. is of course right up Unbreaded’s sandwiched alley. It appears they tried everything on the menu and have the photos to prove it.

Fidel Gastro got the invite to try out P.Y.T. on Sunday and called the burger the best he’s tasted since his honeymoon (he remembers the burger from his Honeymoon) and placed the onion rings in his all-time top 3.

And with all this meat love it might be a surprise to learn there’s treats for the vegetarian too, in fact there’s a whle Bogus Burger section. Living on the Vedge is planning return trips for the ‘Shroom Burger and to find out just how many boozy shakes it takes to get toasted.

Just a reminder though, P.Y.T. is closed until this weekend so you have to hold off a couple days to try all these eats for yourself.

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