Yes Please!

Do you like to drool? Then check out the menu Zahav is putting together for a chocolate themed dinner on Thursday, June 11th. If chocolate isn’t enough to get your salivary glands pumping, how about foie gras truffle and kobe beef tataki?

Check out the full menu of the $85 per person menu after the jump.

foie gras truffle
bittersweet chocolate, pistachio, rose

Merlot, Scarbolo
“Campo del Viotto” 2004 (Friuli, Italy)

Premier Cru de Plantation Maralumi
Milk 47%, Papua, New Guinea

kobe beef tataki
milk chocolate, shiso

Rosé, Grenache/Carignan, Celler el Masroig “Les Sorts Rosat” 2008 (Montsant, Spain)
Premier Cru de Plantation Vila Gracinda
67%, Sao Tome Island

poached lobster
white chocolate, local corn
Chardonnay, Prieler
“Sinner” 2006 (Neusiedlersee-Hugelland, Austria)

Michel Cluizel White Chocolate

pork belly al ha’esh
smoked shrimp, urfa peppers, 72% mole

Malbec/Cabernet Sauvignon, Huarpe “Winery Selection” 2006 (Mendoza, Argentina)
Michel Cluizel 72% Chocolate

tasting of chocolate
the five plantations of Michel Cluizel

Blanc de Blancs, Jean Milan, Sec “Tendresse” NV (Champagne, France)
5 Plantations

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