Dee-lish Or Nas-Tee?

tony_luke1When Tony Luke announced he was going to be marketing microwavable versions of his sandwiches it certainly had us cringing. Rick Nichols, being the consummate professional he is actually decided to eat the sandwich before weighing in. And of course, prose to swoon over.

Luke’s uses juicy, U.S.-raised basic ribeye on the flat-top grill, not the imported cow meat some use.

But here’s the thing. It doesn’t travel. Let that cheesesteak (or Luke’s signature roast pork sandwich with broccoli rabe) start steaming in its paper wrapper, and say goodbye to good eating. It gets wet. It gets soggy.

It’s meant to be eaten right then and there – under the harsh lights, in the unheated alcove, with the bad fries and cheap pickles, your feet planted on the cold pavement.

Yo, you may be frozen.

But at least you’re not eating a frozen cheesesteak.

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