Quick Bites

The Inquirer has some more tidbits on Starr’s Butcher & Singer and how exactly it’ll be different from Barclay Prime. [Table Talk, Philadelphia Inquirer]

Mediterranean delights come to south 10th Street as Mazag Cafe is pumping out stuffed grape leaves, couscous, Turkish coffee and more. [Meal Ticket]

File this under things that we find exceptionally cool but we don’t really think anyone else will care about. Victory Prima Pils is available in the mini-bars at the Ritz Carlton. [Seen Through a Glass]

Giorgio’s on Pine is opening Monday. Who’s Giorgio? Well he’s Giorgio Giuliani, a veteran of Monte Carlo Living Room and Primavera. [Table Talk, Philadelphia Inquirer]

Lew Bryson visits Yards Brewery to get the lowdown on Yards big plans. [Seen Through a Glass]

Teri’s Restaurant gives South Philadelphia another breakfast and option, this one featuring BBQ Brunch. [Feeding Frenzy, City Paper]