Zahav Adds Lunch

Starting June 16th, Zahav will serve begin serving weekday lunch from 11:30am to 2pm.

The lunch menu, features 5 different skewer options for $10 as well as other plates from the dinner menu.

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Full menu after the jump.


Lunch Special – $10
Skewers grilled over hot coals. Served on laffa with tehina and pickles

The Turk – ground beef, pistachios
The Sabra – young chicken, sumac onions
Monsieur Merguez – house-made merguez, matbucha
The Kineret – salmon shishlik, pomegranate
The Galil – baby eggplant, tehina, pistachios

Crispy haloumi 6
cypriotic sheep’s milk cheese, dates, pine nuts

Savta mati’s borekas 8
feta, ricotta and olives

Fried kibbe with tahini 9
lamb, bulgur wheat, pine nuts

Fried cauliflower 6
labaneh with chive, dill, mint and garlic

Baked kashkaval 9
bulgarian sheep’s milk cheese, sunny-side up egg

Stuffed grape leaves 7
egyptian rice, walnuts, dill, feta

Basturma with scallions 7
air-cured beef, garlic, fenugreek, aleppo peppers

Chopped liver 6
rye toast, cippolini onion


Hummus-tehina 6/10
served with laffa

Yemenite soup 7
chicken soup, yemenite curry, potatoes

Tunisian salad 12
olive oil-poached tuna, tunisian olives, pickled lemon, romaine

Shakshouka 12
stewed tomatoes and peppers with eggs, served with laffa

Schnitzel 14
breaded chicken cutlet with rice and israeli salad

Party Time ~ $25

Hummus-tehina and laffa
Choice of skewers


Fresh-squeezed orange juice 5
Fresh-squeezed grapefruit juice 5
Soft drinks 2
Iced tea 3

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