Zot Adding Wine Bar, Tub

We’ve always been of the opinion that’s there something a little off about Belgians, not that we don’t love them and their beer. Perhaps it’s all that Trappist beer that makes them a bit odd. Well Zot owners Tim Trevans and Bernard Dehaene aren’t making us reconsider our theory as they are adding a tub to the surroundings as part of their first anniversary redesign.

The wine bar in the front of the first floor will be moved upstairs, in favor of two beer bars. Upstairs, besides the new wine bar (where wines will be available by the bottle only), they’re installing a sports bar. And this is where the bathroom fits in. It’s the bar back. Behind that tiled wall behind the tub is a refrigerator box, and beer lines will be punched through. Beer spillage will go into the tub and down the drain.

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