Nuttery All Over

Photo by Pete Radocaj via Philadelphia Will Do

Photo by Pete Radocaj via Philadelphia Will Do

We usually save all of our breathless hyperventilating for Rick Nichols, but last night we discovered there’s enough room in our heart for two exceptional fellas. We had the opportunity to hear Mayor Michael Nutter speak at an event at the Union League (no, we’ve never been before and no, we’re probably never getting invited back) and we cannot hyperventilate enough about this guy. It might have been the open bar, but we we just about teared up while listening to him talk–honestly and with pride–about our town.

He took questions! He encouraged us to have pride in our city! He dismissed our Philadelphian negativity as balderdash! He agreed that the streets were inexcusably filthy and we had no one to blame for letting the trash pile up there but ourselves! In between addressing crime, taxes and the Philadelphian shoulder chip, he even found time to patiently explain to one very peeved lady why there wasn’t a proper department store in town (ladies of a certain age take the closing of Strawbridge’s very personally). Also, he’s very funny.

So it’s no surprise to hear that this forward-thinking, optimistic, intelligent gentleman is mulling over a farmer’s market in City Hall.

Sorry, Rick, but until your next article, we’re totally and completely Nuttered. Swoon.

Under Nutter, City Hall May Become More Visitor-Friendly [ via Philebrity]