Brew Lounge Tries Belgian Cafe

Belgian Cafe - Photo by Ryan Charles

Photo by Ryan Charles

The Brew Lounge stops by Fairmount’s Belgian Cafe to see if Craig LaBan’s criticism still held.

Overall, The Belgian Cafe measured up just fine. Let’s go back to my checklist in the opening above.

A) Our food experience seems to have been better than Laban’s;
B) Based on the trendy edge, or shall I say edgy trend (I couldn’t quite put my finger on whether they’re going for a particular vibe), that they seem to be exhibiting, I’m thinking that Bridgid’s would be a more likely every-other-day hang out for me, if I still lived in the neighborhood; and
C) Tom & Fergie have done well opening this new location, but will be interesting to see the long-term viability of it in the Art Museum neighborhood. The changing demographic of the area will help to determine.

Quick Review of The Belgian Cafe in Philadelphia, PA [The Brew Lounge]