Supper Reviewed

Adam Erace is early on the scene at Supper, the South Street spot that has foodies buzzing.

In the seaglass-framed foyer, bountiful baskets of gleaming Granny Smiths are the first clue that farm-fresh ingredients are the stars. In the hands of Prensky and chef de cuisine Brinn Sinnott, sweet potatoes taste sweeter and apples are crisper. Roasted fingerling potatoes—nestled in a sandbox of kosher salt, star anise, peppercorns, fennel seeds and coriander—are a study in simplicity. Their papery skins tear away like gift wrap, revealing steamy spuds inside.

Modern flavor pairings—flirty licorice with smoked veal sweetbreads, sour passion fruit with ocean-scented tilefish, Berkshire pork belly with quince poached in red wine and miso—are playful without sacrificing ingredient integrity.

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