Quick Bites

Local caterers Christine Fischer and Clara Gomez are bringing back the Astral Plane as Astral Plane Millennium. You won’t recognize the interior or the menu when they’re done . Chef Gerardo Cortez’s international menu “will include, but won’t be limited to, Spanish, Italian, Greek, Jewish and Indian specialties.” [Feeding Frenzy, City Paper]

Who knew if you named a restaurant Joe Pesce that Joe Pesci (Goodfellas, My Cousin Vinny, Lethal Wepon) would soon be sniffing around for a location. Rumor has it that Philadelphia jazz guitarist Pat Martino and Pesci are looking for a spot to open a large jazz club. [Taste Daily, Philadelphia Magazine]

It’s just a matter of days before we’ll see the Beneluxx Tasting Room open on South 3rd Street. But we won’t see a Blue Bell location as Mike Naessens has sold off his interest in the Broad Axe Tavern. [Feeding Frenzy, City Paper]

Tinto now has outdoor seating at two lantern lit wooden tables. [Tinto Restaurant]

Whatever the hanky panky was that had the Misconduct Tavern closed Tuesday night it was resolved yesterday as the Violation placard was gone and the customers had returned to their spots at the bar.