Brunch At Mixto

Messy and Picky head out to Mixto looking for a good brunch without the long lines.

Although the service was kind of slow, overall, our meal was a pleasant experience. It was our first brunch outing in a while (we like to sleep late, and Picky makes killer omelettes on the weekends) and we were both very happy to find a good, decently priced and convenient location for brunch. Mixto also seems like a good place for a group brunch outing, as we were pretty much surrounded by larger parties sipping Bloody Marys (Bloody Marys are gross). We’re both glad we found Mixto for those rare occasions when we go out to brunch — we won’t need to wait an hour at a time for those Philly brunch favorite spots anymore!

Messy ***1/2
Picky ***
The final word: A very good, no-wait brunch, with some Cuban flair.

Mixto [Messy and Picky]
Mixto [Official Site]