“Chocolate Slurpy” At Naked Chocolate Cafe

Naked Chocolate Cafe
The chocolate fueled buzz around Naked Chocolate Cafe, 1317 Walnut Street, is building. And is it any wonder with items like the “classic” frozen drinking chocolate?

Later, there will be time for the house-made nut barks and demitasses of hot chocolate at Naked Chocolate Cafe, the sleek, tall-windowed, new chocolate salon. But for a sultry evening, try the “classic” frozen drinking chocolate, a lush, chilled chocolate (61 percent Guittard) soup topped with whipped cream in a wide, glass goblet. It’s part dark milkshake, part mousse – a creamy, iced ganache easier spooned than sipped. Makes granita seem PG-rated.

Ken Alan at aroundphilly.com also reports on the sexy goings on at Naked Chocolate Cafe.

The pot de crème sampler may send you into convulsions, not unlike that unforgettable restaurant scene in When Harry Met Sally.

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