WATCH: This Is the Happiest Mayor Kenney Has Ever Looked

The happiest Mayor Jim Kenney has ever looked was yesterday, when he assisted on a Harlem Globetrotters trick shot at City Hall.

Mayor Jim Kenney usually looks sad.

Ed Rendell told him he needed to smile more, possibly appending “sweetie” onto the end of his advice. Philadelphia magazine’s Holly Otterbein spent the entire opening of an awesome profile she wrote examining how sad the mayor looks.

“But Kenney isn’t happy, at least not at the moment,” she wrote. “‘There are good days, and there are bad days,’ he tells me when I greet him. His eyes are bloodshot. His shirt and tie don’t match.”

If that wasn’t enough evidence, the mayor once tweeted, simply: “So sad sometimes.” That’s the type of emo away message I stopped using around the turn of the millennium. He must’ve been very sad to share it with the world.

But, yesterday, we found out there is at least one thing that makes Mayor Kenney truly, deeply happy: Assisting a Harlem Globetrotter on a trick shot at City Hall.

The Globetrotters are in the area for 10 games (“games”) this month, including three at the Wells Fargo Center on Saturday and Sunday. West Philadelphia native Bria “Swish” Young, only the 14th woman Globetrotter in history, is doing a bunch of media spots in the area, where people talk about how she’s from West Philly and is the 14th woman to be a Globetrotter. The Globetrotters always provide good content.

Yesterday, Swish delivered some more of that hot, fresh content in the form of a trick shot with the mayor. The video, which we embedded above, is pretty great. It opens with the mayor walking up some steps at City Hall holding a Harlem Globetrotters basketball. He then greets Young like she’s an old friend. “Swish!” he yells as he reaches the top of the steps. He then has a quip before passing the ball: “A lot of tricky things have gone on in City Hall. Hopefully this shot will be one of them.”

Swish takes a dribble — so we’ll need a ruling from a referee on whether this should count as an actual assist or not — and fires the ball out of City Hall and into a basket set up in the courtyard. It goes right in. We’ll just assume this was the first take and not look into it any more.

Jim Kenney swish

Kenney then celebrates more than we’ve ever seen him in his year-plus as mayor. Look, I’m not sure what he was supposed to celebrate about before — a little touchdown dance after the soda tax passed? — but he certainly was pumped after that shot went in.

He even has a little “swish” celebration! Frankly, the Harlem Globetrotters have provided us with a public service, showing us our mayor as his happiest. Can they let him suit up this weekend?