What Will Peyton Manning Tell the GOP in Philly This Week?

The former NFL quarterback and longtime union member is coming to the Republican retreat in Philly. What on earth will he say?

Peyton Manning

Chris Humphreys/USA TODAY Sports

Peyton Manning is coming to Philadelphia.

Unfortunately, he’s not here to tutor Carson Wentz. But according to Politico Playbook, the former Colts and Broncos quarterback will speak at the GOP retreat at the Loews Hotel in Center City.

The retreat starts tomorrow and continues through Friday morning. President Trump will be in attendance. As Trump has publicly weighed in on Joe Flacco being an elite quarterback in the past, he must think Peyton is the Greatest of All Time.

But what the hell will Peyton Manning tell Republicans in Philly this week? The retreat, per published reports, is an attempt to plan a strategy for the repeal of the Affordable Care Act and tax reform. Has Manning spent his retirement from football studying health care policy?

Perhaps! Maybe Manning has figured out a way to eliminate the individual mandate while keeping a relatively high buy-in rate on the Obamacare exchanges, thereby keeping health care costs low. Maybe! Or maybe Republicans just found a celebrity who was happy enough to take their money and talk about leadership or whatever other buzzwords famous people say in speeches.

Manning posed for a photo with Donald Trump Jr. over the summer, and has donated to Republican causes in the past. Of course, he was also a member of a union for his 17-year NFL career, so maybe the GOP just brought him in to answer for his liberal crimes.