Here’s an Animated GIF of Mayor Nutter Dancing

The mayor showed off his dance skills yesterday at an event where GlaxoSmithKline announced a $5 million grant to promote healthy lifestyles in Philly.

Yesterday, a group of 10 local nonprofits — known as Get Hype Phillywere awarded a $5 million grant from GlaxoSmithKline. The money will go to promoting healthier lifestyles for kids in Philadelphia.

“Not only will Get Hype Philly make our young people healthier,” GSK VP Donna Altenpohl said at the event, “it will also help them to lead their peers, their families and their communities to make their neighborhoods a model of a happy, healthy and thriving environment.”

Sounds pretty good. Almost as good was this video posted to GSK’s Facebook page showing Michael Nutter dancing at the event.

Mayor Nutter dancing

One underrated aspect of Michael Nutter’s tenure as Philadelphia mayor is his rhythm. The current mayoral candidates should hold a dance-off, so we can accurately decide if any of them are worthy of replacing Mix Master Mike.