Bill Cosby to Female Heckler: “You Have to Be Careful Drinking Around Me”

At a show in Canada on Thursday night, a woman tried to leave for a drink. Bill Cosby made a joke about how you have to be careful drinking around him. Get it?

Bill Cosby made a rape joke tonight.

Cosby is in Ontario, Canada, for a three-show tour. Security was tight in London, Ontario, on Thursday after a small protest outside his show on Wednesday. The crowd was basically ordered not to mention anything about the two dozen women who have accused Cosby of assaulting them.

(Yes, this is a message from Global Spectrum, which is owned by Comcast.)

Despite these warnings, hecklers did get in. And, whoa, did they cause a scene. Per the Twitter account of National Post reporter Richard Warnica (and several others in attendance), a woman in the front row got up to get a drink. Cosby stopped her and asked her what she was doing. She said she was getting a drink, and asked Cosby if he wanted one.

He said he already had one, and added: “You have to be careful about drinking around me.”

Do you get it? Because multiple women have accused him of drugging their drinks and raping them.

Cosby’s old co-star would like you to believe there is a conspiracy out to get Bill Cosby. But this was a joke Cosby made about all the women who have accused him of rape. This is right out of the horse’s mouth. He thinks it’s funny!

Some in the audience didn’t. Canada’s finest removed another heckler, who had called him a rapist.

Warnica later followed up his tweets with a longer report for the Post.