L&I Warns of Fake Inspector Hitting Philly Homes

The fraudulent L&I inspector was able to get a $91 payment from a resident yesterday. He attempted to gain access to residents' homes in other instances.

L&I is warning residents of a fake L&I inspector that has solicited at several Philadelphia homes. L&I Commissioner Carlton Williams says to ask for identification if an L&I inspector shows up at your house.

Several Philadelphians have reported a fake inspector showing up at their door. Yesterday, a fake L&I inspector flashed a badge of some kind, then received a $91 payment from a homeowner he said was necessary.

More troubling, L&I says in other instances a man claiming to be an L&I inspector told residents a vacant home next door was to be torn down (or a vacant lot was to be cleared) and he needed to get access to their occupied home. L&I is working with the cops to catch the fake.

“The Department of Licenses & Inspections is very concerned about reports of an individual purporting to be an L&I inspector attempting to enter our citizens’ homes,” Williams said in a statement. “All citizens should be aware that inspectors from the Department of Licenses & Inspections wear official uniforms and will produce identification and business cards upon request. Inspectors will never request payment or state that a fee is owed.”

Philadelphians can call 215-686-2400 to see whether an L&I inspector is scheduled to be at their residence. “I urge all citizens to remain vigilant,” Williams said. (All citizens!) “If you have any doubt that the individual is in fact an L&I inspector, you should refuse entry and call 911 immediately.”