UPDATE: Suspect Barricaded After 5 Killed in 3 Shootings in Montco

Police say a man, believed to be a veteran of the military, killed five in three separate shootings this morning in Montgomery County.

Update, 11:17 a.m.: Towamencin Township Police Chief Tim Dickinson updated reporters late this morning. He said police from Souderton and neighboring agencies are involved in a barricade situation. “The person may be barricaded in there and he may be armed and dangerous,” Dickinson said. “They have seen some movement in the residence.”

Some residents have been evacuated from their homes, others are sheltering in place. And officials are still seeking their own clarity on events.

Dickinson, for example updated reporters on the situation in Pennsburg, where he says cops are involved in another barricade situation. He said he does not know whether the police believe there is more than one suspect. “In Pennsburg, there’s also some information that someone who may be a suspect in a number of these incidents maybe up there, at a location in Pennsburg,” he said. “They’re not sure if someone’s there or not.”

Update, 10:33 a.m.: Action News reports a SWAT team was called to a fourth scene in Pennsburg linked to the three shootings this morning in Montgomery County.

Five people were shot to death this morning in Montgomery County in three separate shootings. Police say the suspect is thought to have barricaded himself inside a Souderton home.

Police arrived around 4 a.m. this morning to find a woman shot to death in Lower Salford. A half hour later, cops responded to a call in Lansdale to find two more people killed. Police found a third person dead in a shooting in Souderton later in the morning. Police tell Action News they believe all three shootings are related.

All of the victims were shot at close range.

Police believe the suspect is a military veteran. A SWAT team responded to the incident in Lansdale.

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