Mayor Nutter, Union in Dispute Over $2.88 Million

Labor peace in Philadelphia was incredibly short lived. Mayor Michael Nutter and DC 47, the city's second-largest labor union, are fighting again.

After years of working without a contract, AFSCME 33 — the city’s largest union — finally signed a contract with the city last week. The city’s smaller union, DC 47, signed a contract in March. After years of labor battles, there is finally a bit of peace.

Well, no.

Because AFSCME 33 got signing bonuses that were $800 more per worker than DC 47’s, that union wants the difference in a bonus. The union had a deal with the city that it would get any extra benefits the AFSCME union received in their contract, so DC 47’s workers wouldn’t be punished for settling with the city first. At $800 for 3,600 workers, that adds up to $2.88 million.

But Mayor Michael Nutter’s office says DC 47 received those extra benefits by working with the better contract since March.

“If you look at what they got in wage increases and longevity and step increases during that time,” Nutter spokesman Mark McDonald told the Inquirer, “it’s well more than $800.” The union says it will fight the city’s decision.