Swiss Cheese Pervert Suspect Chris Pagano Arrested [UPDATED]

Philadelphia Police have him in custody.

People of Philadelphia, you can rest easy. Chris Pagano, alleged Swiss Cheese Pervert, has been arrested, six days after Philly Mag broke the story and five days after I knocked on his door in Norristown.


Philadelphia Police were unable to confirm the arrest, but the Norristown Police Department says that Pagano was picked up this morning in a joint action by the Norristown and Philadelphia police departments and that Pagano is now in the custody of the Philadelphia Police Department.

Earlier this week, I talked about the Swiss Cheese Pervert on WMMR’s Preston & Steve Show, and multiple women called in with Swiss Cheese Pervert sightings. Here’s the audio:

And if you need to play catchup, here’s a complete Swiss Cheese Pervert timeline:

Friday: Reports surfaced that the Swiss Cheese Pervert had been seen in the Mayfair neighborhood of Philadelphia.

Saturday: I visited the Norristown home of Chris Pagano, who denied being the Swiss Cheese Pervert.

Monday: Court documents revealed that Pagano was arrested in 2009 after he allegedly “removed a large block of cheese from his pocket” and offered a woman on the street “$20 to rub the Swiss cheese on his penis.” Pagano pleaded guilty to disorderly conduct, and a solicitation charge against him was dismissed.

Wednesday: Police indicate that Pagano is officially the subject of their Swiss Cheese Pervert investigation.

Thursday: Pagano is arrested.

[UPDATE] Friday: Pagano has been charged with harassment, stalking, indecent exposure, and open lewdness and is back on the street on Friday morning after posting 10 percent of his $30,000 bail.

PHOTOS: Mugshots of Pagano after 2006 and 2009 arrests.

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