Uber Offering Christmas Tree Delivery

Grandmother would not approve.

Sure, you could go to the local tree lot to find your perfect Christmas tree. Or you could cut down your own tree (check out Be Well Philly’s awesome guide to Philadelphia-area cut-your-own-tree farms… I’m heading to Linvilla this weekend.) But why bother with the cold and the, you know, tradition when you could just have Uber deliver a Christmas tree right to your doorstep?

On Thursday, December 5th, the Uber car service is delivering Christmas trees in ten U.S. cities, including Philadelphia, as noted on their website:

Instead of spending your weekend wrestling with a tree from the not-so-near farm or slushy street corner, kick back, pour yourself an extra glass of eggnog and watch your app as Uber takes care of the heavy lifting. With the help of The Home Depot and a bit of holiday magic, Uber will deliver a live tree to your doorstep with the touch of a button.

In point of fact, it’s actually Home Depot that is making the delivery (an Uber “brand ambassador” will be riding along in the truck), but it’s all facilitated through Uber.

All you have to do is pull up the Uber app on your smartphone and click on the Christmas tree icon that will appear there on Thursday. A driver will be dispatched with a Christmas tree (specifically, a 7- to 8-foot Frasier fir), and you’ll be able to track your tree through your app, just as you can track your car and driver normally. The cost for this convenience is $135, which includes the netted tree, a stand, and a gift from Uber. No cash needed, as the Uber app will bill whatever credit card you have on file with Uber. It’s worth noting that if you don’t like the tree, too bad. There are no refunds.

For more information, visit http://blog.uber.com/UberTREE.

So is this a good thing or a bad thing?