Wolf to Green: You’re Out as Liquor Board Chair. (Huh?)

The governor is firing the former councilman from jobs he doesn't even have.


[Updated at 3:50 p.m: Gov. Wolf’s press secretary, Jeffrey Sheridan, emails to note that the letter sent to Green “was corrected immediately and the correct letter was issued.” Adds Sheridan: “Regardless, he is still not the chairman of the SRC.”]

In a letter to Bill Green today, Governor Wolf thanked Green for the service he rendered as “chairman of the Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board.”

Wait, what?

It seems the Governor, or one of his secretaries at any rate, momentarily forgot that Green was actually chair of the School Reform Commission, not the Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board. Whoops. Either that or it’s some elite-level, passive-aggressive sauce dribbled on top of a dismissal letter that’s about as terse as it gets. See the letter below for yourself.

Then again, there wasn’t much left to say. Green got ahead of Wolf’s press operation last night after catching word that the Governor would oust him from the SRC chairmanship. Green put together a video statement, and announced he’d be suing Wolf over the decision.

(p.s. Watch your back Tim Holden.)

Gov. Wolf Letter to Bill Green