These Are the Best Places to Have Coffee Meetings in Philly

Our neighborhood-by-neighborhood guide, for when your cramped corner Starbucks could cramp your deal.

Double Knot. Photo by Neal Santos

Philly, spring is upon us so that means it’s time to shake things up. If you’ve been sitting down for business meetings at the same old coffeeshop for the past few years, we suggest you try someplace new. You can stick to your neighborhood or venture out to stumble on new networks, people and places. We asked the Philly business community to tell us the places they swear by for coffee rendezvous. Your new go-to spot might be somewhere on this neighborhood-by-neighborhood list.

Bella Vista

Photo via Rally

701 South 7th Street
The coffee is good, you can reserve a table for a meeting and the staff is friendly.
Order: Soy latte and an oatmeal cookie. The cookies and croissants are from Machine Shop Boulangerie.
-Kevin Beyer, KBOT Consulting & Western Grace Brandy


W/N W/N Coffee Bar. Photo via W/N W/N

W/N W/N Coffee Bar
931 Spring Garden Street
It attracts a cool crowd —usually, a combination of artists, professionals, and music enthusiasts waiting for a show at Union Transfer. It is the perfect place for an end-of-day meeting when you need a caffeine pick-me-up or if you are looking for a meeting to conveniently bleed into happy hour.
Order: Depending on the time of day, a drip coffee or a cocktail. I would recommend their homemade sodas as well.
– Amanda Wagner, Ben Franklin Tech Partners

Center City

Elixr Coffee Roasters
207 South Sydenham Street
Elixr is a real neighborhood gem. Not only does it have a great ambiance, but meetings there are great for networking because I normally run into four or five other people I know while I’m there. It’s like the Cheers of coffee shops!
Order: Either a coffee or a cappuccino.
– Erin Allsman, Brownstein Group

The dark interior with wood floors and distressed walls is perfect for working away from the office or catching up with a colleague because it feels a bit intimate. And unlike other coffee shops, there’s no music blasting. I’m technically a millennial, but I’m not interested in hearing ’90s slow jams while trying to discuss collaboration or new ventures.
Order: Guatemala coffee, black, and one of the great pastries they have.
– Megan R. Smith, Brownstone PR

Marathon Grill
121 South 16th Street
Very consistent and great service – nice people.
Order: My go to is an omelette – no potatoes, side salad, well done multigrain toast and green tea.
-Dean Miller, PACT

Oyster House
1516 Sansom Street
Awesome seafood, great service, comfortable space.
Order: Oysters!
-Andrew Woolf, Lyft

Dilworth Park Café
1 South 15th Street
For nine months of the year, this is perhaps the loveliest cafe location in Philly, with outdoor seating and views of City Hall, the city, and the rehabbed and amazing park. It’s my go-to for meetings, despite the completely mediocre coffee selection, as well as when I need something to do with my kids on a hot summer day (the sprayground is great!).
Order: Iced Americano. It’s a Starbucks, so don’t expect anything fancy.
-Alex Urevick-Ackelsberg, Zivtech

I rotate between three of their cafes, depending on the type of meeting I’m having. I go to 1818 Market if it’s with someone on my team, 20th & Walnut if it’s a longer meeting, or 18th & Chestnut if it’s more of a chat and run. The atmosphere in Saxbys is very casual and welcoming, the baristas are friendlier than the other coffee spots in town and they are headquartered right here in Philadelphia.
Order: Americano with a little room.
– Geoff Gross, Medical Guardian

Gran Caffé L’Aquila
1716 Chestnut Street
Gran Caffe reminds me of being in Italy where you can wander in for something wonderful any time of day.
Order: For breakfast, it’s tea and brioche. For quick meetings later in the day, I get one of their little baguette sandwiches or their house-made gelati–or one of the excellent concoctions from the bar!
– Meryl Levitz, Visit Philadelphia

It’s real Italian!
Order: House roasted coffee and gelato.
-Jacqueline Buhn, AthenianRazak LLC

Parliament Coffee
30 South 15th Street
I had a lovely coffee meeting last week that started at Parliament, and sustained in Dilworth Park while chasing the morning sun by switching tables. Calories burned from activity were restored by a palmier that was roughly the size of my face. This will become a routine.
Order: A palmier.
-Jason Bannon, Ben Franklin Tech Partners

Pyramid Club
1735 Market Street, 51st Floor
They’ve remodeled, and the space is now open and comfortable with the best views in Philadelphia.
Order: Iced tea. I grew up in the South and can’t break the habit.
-Richard Vague, Gabriel Investments

Ritz-Carlton Hotel
10 Avenue of the Arts
It’s all about the architecture, atmosphere and who’s who of this place.
Order: A martini.
-Stacy Robinson, Wells Fargo

La Colombe
1414 South Penn Square
There’s a great who’s who of people I’ve gotten to know in business, government, and the nonprofit sector that come in and out throughout the day. The staff are very kind, and the location is a perfect launchpad for getting to other meetings downtown.
Order: A half-caf for here. I like a boost, but not a fully caffeinated charge.
-Stacey Mosley, FixList


The Monkey and The Elephant
2831 West Girard Avenue
My recommendation for this place is two-fold: the mission and the space. I absolutely love Lisa Miccolis’ mission behind starting this coffee shop. The program she runs at M&E is to provide post foster care youth with the skills and tools to make the transition to adulthood. Secondly, M&E is spacious, having an upstairs area and a quaint garden, so seating is rarely a problem. I enjoy the vibe at M&E and it’s always a great ice breaker to talk about their mission.
Order: My go-to is a coffee. I tend to drink my coffee black but I have ordered a lemonade and the fig gouda panini as well. All of them being favorites!
-Atisha Patel, NotiCare

Tela’s Market
1833 Fairmount Avenue
Tela’s is a perfect spot to work and for business meetings. The WiFi, large communal tables, and just-the-right volume of rock music, offer enough distraction while still allowing for productive work. Also, I can do a little food shopping while I’m there.
Order: Tela’s breakfast with bacon. It’s the perfect working brunch.
-Nelly Arnold, Personal Space


Photo via Steap and Grind

Steap and Grind
1619 Frankford Avenue
There are so many coffee shops in Fishtown, but Steap and Grind is delightfully underrated. Located right by Palmer Park, they offer free WiFi and outdoor seating in a cozy, bright space. It’s rarely overcrowded and is a great go-to spot to work or meet a business colleague.
Order: Steap and Grind has an amazing selection of loose teas and their coffee is no joke either! It’s a great spot if you’re meeting someone who may want something other than coffee. Also, their sandwiches are delicious. Try the “Mikey” turkey sandwich which comes with a scrumptious tomato chutney.
-Beth Blinebury, Blinebury Design

La Colombe
1335 Frankford Avenue
It has excellent coffee and an environment conducive to a meeting. That includes ample seating and it’s quiet enough to have a conversation but not so quiet that everyone else can hear that conversation!
Order: I appreciate a really good cup of coffee so that’s what I typically order.
-Kristen Fitch, Science Center


Uncle Bobbie's Books & Cafe

Inside the main space at Uncle Bobbie’s. | Photo: Sandy Smith

Uncle Bobby’s Coffee and Books
445 Germantown Avenue
Surrounded by writings and thoughts that speak to my soul, spirit and purpose.
Order: A large coffee. That’s all I need.
– Desiree Peterkin Bell, DPBell & Associates

Logan Square

Peddler Coffee
2100 Spring Street
When it’s warm out, it’s best to sit outside there and people watch (and get a minimal amount of work done). Take a quick walk over the Logan Square fountain.
Order: It’s a toss-up between their cold brew and latte. But, their chocolate croissant is spectacular. Definitely get it
-Sabir M. Peele, Men’s Style Pro

Urban Farmer
1850 Benjamin Franklin Parkway
Great location and vibe, comfy seating, and reasonable privacy.
Order: Field greens salad topped with salmon with the dressing on the side.
-Lori Reiner, EisnerAmper

Square One Coffee Roasters
1811 John F. Kennedy Boulevard
Outdoor and indoor places to sit and quiet enough to have a conversation.
Order: Mint tea and a croissant.
-Angela Val, PHLCVB

Midtown Village

Double Knot. Photo by Neal Santos

Double Knot
120 South 13th Street
Great ambiance, amazing coffee, and a steady stream of startup community members popping in every morning.
Order: Cold brew in a to-go cup.
– Robert J. Moore, Philly Startup Leaders

DoubleKnot is like our extra conference room. Quite a few business relationships have started or been strengthened there. It’s quiet enough to have a conversation, but not so silent that you’re in danger of disturbing the folks at the next table. Extra points if you’re able to snag one of the sets of overstuffed leather club chairs near the door. Get there before or after the lunch crowd.
Order: In the morning, I order a small coffee and a housemade doughnut. Afternoons call for hot or iced black tea. The bottled matcha is also delicious.
-Marc Coleman, The Tactile Group

Not only do I love the interior design but the ice coffee is killer. Plus it’s right by my office. It’s really a hidden gem that I love bringing people to.
Order: Coffee and freshly baked banana bread.
-Kate Marlys, Philly PR Girl

El Vez
121 South 13th Street
It’s around the corner from my office, the food is great, it has the right level of background noise that you can still hear a conversation, and you can always get a table at noon without a reservation.
Order: Mexican chopped salad with shrimp and avocado.
-Jake Stein, Stitch Data

North Philly

Temple University

Temple University
1801 North Broad Street
I like to do ‘walk and talk’ meetings. It helps me separate from what’s on my desk and focus on the person I’m meeting. Plus, I get some steps in.
-Ellen Weber, Temple University Fox School of Business

Northern Liberties

148 W Girard Avenue
They serve like ten sandwiches and they are all bomb! You can’t go wrong. It’s a sandwich spot, so it’s so Philly.
Order: The Diavlo sandwich
-Ofo Ezeugwu, WhoseYourLandlord

Honey’s Sit ’N Eat
800 North 4th Street
I like this spot because it is open early, has good food, and the staff are warm and friendly despite the early hour. I love breakfast meetings.
Order: I go at 7 a.m. and get two eggs poached, a latke, dry wheat or quinoa bread, and about 10 cups of La Colombe coffee.
– Mark D. Kuhn IV, Oat Foundry

Old City

Photo via Frieda

Menagerie Coffee
18 South 3rd Street
I recommend for the cozy vibe, great coffee and friendly owners and staff.
Order: Their cold brew is freakin’ rocket fuel (in the best way). Otherwise, I’ll get a latte but even their drip coffee is really good.
– Alex Hillman, Indy Hall

320 Walnut Street
Excellent service and their tables are spread out!
Order: Carrot cake cupcake with icing
-Jamie H. Cooperstein, J. Cooperstein Hospitality Consulting

Queen Village

Famous 4th Street Delicatessen
700 South 4th Street
It’s a relaxed classic, and the food is great.
Order: Eggs, enormous sandwiches, and the desserts.
-Andrew Woolf, Lyft

Red Hook Coffee and Tea
765 South 4th Street
The food and the coffee are both outstanding but what I really appreciate is how comfortable the owners, Chloe and Kelsey, keep the place. The tables are handmade by one of their dads. The music is always fun but never interferes with conversation. And when the weather is nice, the small outdoor tables are a great way to put someone that you’re meeting with at ease.
Order: The homemade chicken salad on wheat and black coffee.
-Will Woldenberg, Entegrit


Rival Bros
2400 Lombard Street
Great coffee. Great space.
Order: Cappuccino and peanut butter toast.
-Andrew Woolf, Lyft

Capital One Cafe
135 South 17th Street, Suite A
It’s centrally located and has an upstairs seating section. There never seems to be a shortage of tables available for a quick 30-minute coffee chat. Also, if you have a Capital One card, everything is half off.
Order: Black coffee or chai tea latte.
-Tamra Thompson, Benjamin’s Desk

It’s a bank and cafe in one. Capital One cardholders get 50 percent off. Plus, it has two floors with areas for calls and meetings.
Order: Green matcha latte with a blueberry muffin.
-Tiffanie Stanard, Stimulus

I’ve had tons of meetings there, making it my second office. They have great drinks, awesome space, nice staff, large private meeting rooms, lots of outlets, late hours, amazing people watching, and fast WiFi. And since they’re a bank disguised as a coffee shop, you also get 50 percent off the drinks when you use your Capital One card. Boom!
Order: Almond chai when it’s cold out. Mango sunrise when it’s hot out.
– Bruce Marable, Employee Cycle

227 South 18th Street
Rittenhouse Square always brightens the mood and on nice days, great to sit by an open window.
Order: My go-to is the chicken paillard. It’s a thinly pounded chicken breast covered in lightly dressed frisee. Iced tea. Hard to pass up the bread basket as well.
-Dean Miller, PACT

Metropolitan Bakery
262 S 19th Street
Bright and airy neighborhood spot. Good ambience for brainstorming!
Order: Regular coffee. And then take a pizza to go! They recently expanded the cafe and put in a pizza oven. The pizzas are amazing. Best I’ve had in Philly.
-Archna Sahay, J. Nowak Consulting

I could recommend Metropolitan Bakery as a place for a coffee meeting, but doing so could risk bringing more attention to their fennel pretzels, which would mean there’d be fewer for me.
-Jason Bannon, Ben Franklin Tech Partners

La Colombe
130 South 19th Street
Really good coffee and very nice people. When I walk in, they know my order.
Order: Hot Corsica or Corsica on ice depending on the weather.
-Khushboo Shah, Cloudamize

2000 Walnut Street
It’s a great place for meetings and quiet spot to get some work done in between. It’s also my guilty pleasure after a lunchtime workout at Thrive Pilates a few doors down. I also love the added bonus of ordering from the app. The cash back is a nice surprise!
Order: In the fall and winter I drink almond milk chai tea latte and in the spring and summer I drink an iced milk and honey with almond milk. And I always get the avocado toast!
-Tina Wells, Buzz Marketing Group

Great vibe and awesome management (Nick Bayer) that cares deeply about Philadelphia.
Order: Tea (hot or iced depending on the time of year) and a yogurt parfait.
-David Bookspan, Amino Payments

South Philly

The Navy Yard | Photo: PIDC

Navy Yard
4747 South Broad Street
Ben Franklin Tech Partners has an awesome porch in the Navy Yard, so we’re a little spoiled. However, walking coffee meetings down here are a wonderful thing. Looping around the Marine Parade Grounds and Central Green once or twice always yields productive discussion.
-Jason Bannon, Ben Franklin Tech Partners


Photo via Burlap and Bean

Corner Bakery (Bala Cynwyd)
153 East City Avenue
It’s a central meeting place!
Order: Nothing fancy, usually just coffee, but they have great food.
-Terry Foley, City Ave Special Services District

Burlap and Bean (Newtown Square)
204 South Newtown Street Road
There’s a great vibe, and it’s an independent coffee house.
Order: Coffee and firehouse donuts.
-Pat Carney, EyeGuide

McKenna’s Kitchen (Havertown)
1901 East Darby Road
I meet there two to three times a week to mentor young makers (who learn of my offer for free coffee and advise via the Makers Meetup). Food is great (think Irish diner) and they have enough room that they let you sit without feeling you’re taking up a table that someone else is waiting for.
Order: For breakfast, definitely the omelets with Irish Cheddar and a large pot of Barry’s tea with milk and honey. They also make their own brown bread, which I have toasted on the griddle. For lunch or dinner, the fish and chips along with a generous helping of their fried pickles as a nosh for the table.
– Marvin Weinberger, Innovation Factory

University City

Photo courtesy of Science Center

Innovation Plaza
South 37th Street between Market and Chestnut Streets
I love getting outside and soaking up some sun during the workday. I’m biased, but I don’t think this vibrant pocket park with dramatic red portals, a variety of seating from tables and chairs to beautiful benches, and gorgeous landscaping can be beat. The Innovators Walk of Fame and great people watching and make it tough to head back into the office.
Order: When I’m there I order: BYOL (bring your own latte)
-Jeanne Mell, Science Center

3401 Walnut Street
As simple as it may sound my go-to place for business in Philadelphia is Starbucks. It has WiFi, a bit of music in the background, the right ambient noise, and a good selection of different coffee, which at its essence is what is needed for sparking good conversation.
Order: Coffee
-Ricky Solorzano, Allevi

Good Karma Café
2319 Walnut Street
Good Karma Café was created for those who need to buckle down and get some work done. Regardless of the location, you’ll find students and freelancers sprawled around the café, with multiple books stacked next to half eaten bagels. Good Karma is cozy and has a mission everyone can get behind with 100 percent organic and fair trade certified drinks and food.
Order: I’m a sucker for indulgent seasonal drinks. Occasionally I’ll order a frothy chai latte confection or something mocha-y.
-Amanda Wagner, Ben Franklin Tech Partners

Joe Coffee
3200 Chestnut Street
Excellent coffee and an environment conducive to meetings.
Order: A cup of coffee.
-Kristen Fitch, Science Center

Washington Square

Café V
1318 South Street
There’s a great neighborhood feel. It’s welcoming and has reasonable prices.
Order: In the morning it’s the avocado toast. For lunch it’s the eggplant panini.
-Stacy Robinson, Wells Fargo

West Philly

Tasties Soul Food
1214 North 52nd Street
They have great customer service and give back to the community throughout the years. The owner chef Barbara is a sweetheart.
Order: A plate of salmon, mac and cheese, candied yams and broccoli.
-Mont Brown, Kickback Foundation