You Can Now Get a Comcast Cell Phone Plan

The company just launched an Xfinity Mobile site for sign-ups. (Be sure to read the fine print.)

Comcast will ship phones in a personalized box. Image courtesy of Comcast.

It’s official: With the launch of a brand new Xfinity Mobile website, Comcast is in the wireless game, and its existing customers can now sign up for the cell phone service online and eventually in all Xfinity stores.

The site lists various plan options for customers, which Comcast first revealed in April. Most home broadband customers will be able to get unlimited data for $65 per month for each phone line, and with a launch promotion that runs through July 31, customers can get this standard plan for $45. The discounted rate will apply for 24 months. Customers with the more expensive X1 TV plan will be able to sign up for the service at $45 per month at any time.

Users also have the option to pay as they go, paying $12 for each GB of data they consume. Depending on the plan, users will be able to choose between Apple, Samsung and LG phones.

If you’re a customer considering the new service, be sure to heed the fine print on the site, which contains statements like “pricing subject to change,” “actual speeds vary and are not guaranteed,” and “service not available in all areas.”

Comcast has made it clear that its wireless service is a still a work in progress. The company recently teamed up with Charter Communications, the country’s second largest cable provider, to develop and strengthen its wireless technology. The wireless service relies on Verizon’s cellular network and Comcast’s 16 million Wi-Fi hotspots. The media giant says it will roll out in-store signups for the wireless service over the coming months. Customers in the Philadelphia region can visit Comcast’s new flagship Xfinity store at King of Prussia Town Center to sign up for the service there.

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