Millennials: Mayor Kenney Wants You! (To Get Involved in his Administration)

Entrepreneurs, technologists, environmentalists and other engaged younger Philadelphians are encouraged to take a seat on Philly's Millennial Advisory Committee.

Photo | Jeff Fusco

Photo | Jeff Fusco

The Mayor’s Office of Public Engagement recently announced that it is accepting applications for a new committee made up of millennial Philadelphians. The Millennial Advisory Committee, or MAC, will expand on the Millennial Recruitment Advisory Board, founded in September 2015 to recruit and retain talented young people in government.

The number of millennials in Philadelphia is growing rapidly, the announcement notes. And with their rise comes more decision-making power. “The growth of Philly’s young adult population continues to climb, making the millennials the largest generational group in the city,” reads a blog post posted by the Office of Public Engagement. “In other words, millennials will be influencing and leading our city for the next 30 to 40 years.”

The 20-person committee will advise the City on policies and programs that affect millennials, develop initiatives to attract millennials to the city, connect millennials to engagement opportunities and mentor new or returning citizens.

The Mayor’s Office of Public Engagement hopes to recruit technologists, entrepreneurs, environmentalists, policy-makers, community organizers, activists and others to the one-year volunteer position. The post also identifies 23 to 34 years old as the target age range for applicants. The group will meet once a month for an hour and a half at locations around the city.

Kenney’s administration has not been immune to criticism from millennials, and many millennials say they want the local government to do more to cultivate business growth and the city’s overall development. This, coupled with a severe lack of political engagement among Philly millennials, makes this committee seem all the more important.

People who are interested can apply here by September 15th.