Comcast Opens Wi-Fi Hotspots to Ease Commuter Woes

Free access to more than 150 XFinity hotspots at train stations in the region.

Comcast announced on Tuesday that it is opening up free access to more than 150 XFinity WiFi hotspots at SEPTA Regional Rail and High Speed Line stations throughout the region.

The move is an effort to help SEPTA riders stay connected and productive while the trains run on a modified schedule, the company says. At the beginning of the month, SEPTA removed a third of its train cars after discovering a defect in its Silverliner V cars.

Last week SEPTA announced that it would add five borrowed trainsets, or 1,700 new seats, to increase service to stations close to Center City. A new interim weekday train schedule took effect on Monday.

To access the XFinity WiFi network on a mobile WiFi-enable device, select the “xfinitywifi” network and follow the prompts for access.

The company says current Xfinity Internet customers can log in using their Comcast information, and non-customers can get online by clicking on the “Not a Customer” button and following the instructions provided.

Comcast recently upgraded its WiFi network at SEPTA’s Suburban Station, adding more access points and boosting speeds. Additional work is underway at 30th Street, University, Temple, and Jefferson stations and will be completed in time for the Democratic National Convention, the company says.

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