Comcast: No In-Home Service Calls During Pope Visit

If you live in the secure perimeter, you better hope your cable doesn't go out from Sept. 25-28.



Comcast has unveiled a new plan for the Pope visit — and you’re not going to like it if your cable goes out.

The company says it will not be offering in-home service calls or doing in-home installations from Friday Sept. 25 to Monday Sept. 28 inside the city’s secure perimeter citing “safety measures and traffic restrictions put in place by the City of Philadelphia,” according to a letter Comcast sent to customers in the area. Customers in other parts of the city won’t be affected. Read the letter below.

“Our team is planning for potential challenges and needs during this time, including having people and equipment in key locations during the World Meeting of Families and Papal events, and we will be ready to respond as quickly as we can,” according to the letter from Jim Samaha, a senior vice president with Comcast Cable.

Comcast is encouraging customers with service problems to call 1-800-XFINITY, use its MyAccount App or log on to They can also go to XFinity stores to pickup or exchange equipment.