Stock Market Plummets, Philly Companies Tank

Dow drops 1,000 points at the opening bell.

(Dragon Images/Shutterstock)

(Dragon Images/Shutterstock)

The stock market took a nose dive at Monday’s opening bell as the Dow Jones industrial average plummeted more than 1,000 points. It follows a rough week in which stocks declined on fears about the Chinese economy. China devalued its currency two weeks ago, making investors wary about the health of one of the world’s largest economies.

The New York Stock Exchange even invoked little-used Rule 48, which helps speed up trading and temper volatility at its opening. Here’s a lengthy explanation of the rule.

Philadelphia’s largest publicly traded companies were not immune to the meltdown, seeing a rough morning of trading. The volatility in today’s stock prices is particularly troubling. (Keep in mind that this story was published at 10:30 a.m. and a lot of things can change in a day of trading.)

In the following table, click on the company name for up-to-the-minute stock info.

CompanyFriday Closing PriceMonday Opening PriceDay's RangeFortune 500 2015 Ranking
AmerisourceBergen (ABC) $101.80$93$91.48 - $99.2016 (Revenue: $119.5 billion)
Comcast (CMCSA)$56.78$53.35$50.00 - 55.6443 (Revenue: $68.7 billion)
Dupont (DD)$52.00$49.37$48.01 - 50.0687 (Revenue: $36 billion)
Aramark (ARMK)$32.25$28.62$28.09 - $31.04207 (Revenue: $14.8 billion)
Lincoln National (LNC)$50.68$47.32$45.77 - 49.22223 Revenue: $13.5 billion
Crown Holdings (CCK)$49.75$47.29$46.04 - 48.70318 (Revenue: $9.1 billion)
United Health Services Inc. (UHS)$140.69$133.05$132.60 - 138.79324 (Revenue: $8.7 billion)
Campbell Soup Co. (CPB)$48.61$46.76$45.23 - $47.88342 (Revenue: $8.4 billion)
UGI Corp. (UGI)$34.54$33.21$32.80 - $34.40349 (Revenue: $8.2 billion)
Navient Corp. (NAVI)$13.89$13.34$13.07 - 13.80463 (Revenue: $5.6 billion)