Startup Bootcamp Aims to Whip Philly Entrepreneurs Into Shape

Philly Startup Leaders has lined up some big names for the 90-day program.

DuckDuckGo Founder and CEO Gabriel Weinberg.

DuckDuckGo Founder and CEO Gabriel Weinberg is just one of the speakers at the Philly Startup Leaders bootcamp.

Philly Startup Leaders has launched details of its new Startup Bootcamp that aims to take entrepreneurs from idea to startup in 90 days. The free program’s “professors” are heavy hitters in the local startup and tech world, including Gabriel Weinberg, founder and CEO of fast-growing internet search engine DuckDuckGo and Ted Mann, founder and CEO of coupon app SnipSnap.

Just like college, students will have reading and assignments to complete.

This is the second year of the bootcamp and organizers hope it will give young entrepreneurs a framework for solving different issues that arise when starting a business.

“They may not be a real startup when they finish, but they are going to have a better idea of product market fit — and that’s huge,” said Yuval Yarden, who does marketing for Philly Startup Leaders. “Plus, they’ll have a much better appreciation for entrepreneurs and entrepreneurship.”

The organization is expecting about 100 applicants for 50 positions. Classes are held once a week starting on Sept. 10.

“There isn’t a place in Philly to learn entrepreneurship without going to school for it,” said Yarden. “There are people teaching technical classes but there no classes on how to start a business.”

Other speakers at the bootcamp include: